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Camping at Stonepine Ridge on the 'Great Dividing Range'

Across the border on the granite belt, come and find your place in nature among the many fantastic Stonepine Ridge camping spots on offer.

This area of the great dividing range offers splendid views across mountain ranges, along river banks, among rocky outcrops (providing children with imaginative space to reconnect with the outdoors), and quiet spaces for the contemplative camper and bird watcher.  Download ‘Birds of Stonepine’  for an extensive list of our birds.

Peaceful and Private location...

There are opportunities aplenty for nature walks in the bush and along the riverbank, while artists/native photographers looking for that perfect light can do no better than at Stonepine Ridge, ‘up among the clouds at 900-925m.

Our Camping Guidelines

Pets are to be restrained at all times, not only because of wildlife, but cattle also roam freely in the paddocks. There are feral pigs and feral dogs throughout NSW. Dogs go missing all the time.

You may have a visit from Harry (a semi tame poddy calf), looking for handouts. He may also bring some of his mates along. Unless you have cattle nuts or hay, you needn’t worry, as he’ll soon move on. If you choose to try and pat him, please be careful what you have on your feet… thongs and open toed sandals are no protection to your feet if you are trodden on!

Four wheel and high clearance vehicles are recommended, grassed areas can become difficult to negotiate in wet weather.

Getting Here

Camping Enquiries

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