Willsons Downfall, NSW 2372 Australia
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This is all real!

Having been greeted by their fairy godmother Liz, and her noble beast Charlie, the world weary travelers are guided through an enchanted forest, to a mountaintop palace.

This is Liz’ magic kingdom.

Here they will be plied with exotic foods, and drinks from far lands, tales from the highest Himalaya to the deepest Africa, sent on perilous journeys to secret places, or they may meet Liz’ son, the laughing prince, Alex, or some of her gnarled country retainers. The smell of jasmine and roses, the view of the endless mountain ranges of her kingdom, will be a balm to tired minds, and the ministrations of exotic elixirs and guacamole toast will calm the body, between banquets involving secret spices, homemade ice-creams, and fresh breads with persimmon marmalade.
Travelers leave rejuvenated, light of foot, with a song in their hearts. Liz’ magic has done it once again; she has added you to her family.
This is all real, people! Don’t miss it…

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